Five Cool Facebook Page Features You Should Start Using

There are many cool things businesses can do with Facebook pages these days.

Here are a few Facebook page features you may not be aware of.

1. Schedule your posts via Facebook

Prepare your posts in advance and schedule when they will appear on your page.

How to schedule Facebook content via Facebook:

Facebook-page-features-schedule-posts-Click inside the post composition window and write your message.

-Choose when you want the post to appear. You will have to choose the date in the following sequence: year, month, day, hour and minute.

-Select “Schedule.”

To view the posts you currently have scheduled for your page, check your “Activity Log” section of your page.

2. Tag people in your comment replies

Facbook-page-features-tag-peopleWhile you can’t tag profiles in your Facebook page wall posts, if you have a post that has received many replies and you wish to reply specifically to one person, you can tag them in your reply.

3. Manage your Facebook page via mobile.

If you have an iPhone and are trying to manage your Facebook business page via the normal Facebook application, it can be difficult.

Luckily, there’s an app for that.

The Facebook Pages Manager app allows you to track page activity, view insights and respond to your audience as your page.

4. Customize your App icons

If you add a custom application to your “Views and Apps” section of your page, create a custom icon for that app for consistent branding on your page.

How to add a custom icon for your Facebook Application to your Facebook page:

Facebook-page-features-app-icons-Select the arrow beside your right-most icon.

-Hover over the icon you want to change and select the pencil icon that is displayed.

-Select “Edit settings.”

-Beside “Custom Tab Image” and select “change.”

-In the new window that opens, select “change” and upload an image that is proportionate to 111X74 pixels in size in JPG, GIF or PNG format.

-Once the new image uploads, close the window and select save on the previous window.

5. Feature your favorite pages and page owners

Facebook-page-features-featuredHave a connected brand or Facebook page? Use the “Featured” section to select up to five pages  that will show at all times on your page.

You can also specific Featured Owners of your page. If a person is a featured page own, their personal information is shared publicly on the about section of the page and the page is shown on their personal profile.

What cool Facebook page features are you currently using?

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