What to do when you receive a negative review from the media

Recently I achieved a great milestone with my marketing services.

I got a publishing client’s debut fiction novel into Publisher’s Weekly.

Which was kind of a big deal.

Except that the review wasn’t that great.

Naturally, my client was upset about the review.

In my podcast #2 titled “What to do when you receive a negative review from the media” I go over a super cool study that outlines why a negative review from an authority can actually be a good thing for your brand. Download it from iTunes.

The podcast goes over how to handle a negative review and what effect it could have on your career.

Check below for some fun tips that I actually sent my client on how to deal with a negative review.

Your options:

-Eat lots of chocolate.
-Console yourself with the thought that the reviewer can’t read and he/she just made all of that up.
-Believe that the reviewer didn’t actually read the book, but when it came down to not turning in a review or making up some provocative BS, they chose the later – you know how crazy today’s media is.
-Eat lots of chocolate.
-Make [your significant other or a friend] take you out for a date night.
-Eat lots of chocolate.

Either way, we forget about this tomorrow.

For more information on the study from Jonah Berger visit “Bad Reviews Can Boost Sales. Here’s Why” from the Harvard Business Review.

Download today’s podcast.

And please share: Have you ever received negative feedback from an authority in your niche and went on to see great success anyway?


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