10 Questions to Ask Before Marketing Your Business

10 Questions to Ask Before Marketing Your Business

We ask a lot of questions. You could say we’re inquisitive. You can call us nosey even.

But let’s make a deal.

If the questions we ask you combined with the follow-up associated with the questions don’t help you rock your business marketing, we’ll treat you to something amazing like dark chocolate, caffeine or a good book.

Sound fair? The first step to rocking your marketing program is to check out these 10 questions below. Questions you should ask yourself before you start marketing your business.

1. What are you really selling?

2. Who is your audience?

3. What are the pain-points you can solve for your audience?

4. What’s the average use and burn-out cycle for your products or services?

5. How will you measure your marketing results?

6. How will you market to potential, new, existing and past customers differently?

7. How will you use personalized messages and relationship marketing?

8. How does your launch marketing differ from regular marketing?

9. What marketing practices best fit your company culture, products, audience and talents?

10. How will you delight your customers with your marketing practices?

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