Book Promotion Ideas: 4 Simple Ways to Market Your Books

Examples of Book Advertising

Today marks a milestone in the marketing campaign for our of our clients, .

Today is the day we send out dozens of galleys to local, regional and national publications for consideration for reviews.

, Carrie’s fourth book is set to release on April 26, 2013 by Roundfire Books!

In honor of the crazy amount of of publicity we’re doing over the next three weeks for Carrie, in order to get massive amounts of pre-publication reviews, today we wanted to share a quick article on book promotion ideas.


Book promotion ideas – for self-published and traditionally published authors

Book promotions get your work in front of potential readers. Once you determine the appropriate audience for your book and your marketing resources, develop plans and tactics that fit within these parameters. Some advertising options will be more expensive than others, and some will just require time to complete.

Social Media Marketing

Use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your books to your current audience. Consider purchasing social media advertising to promote your book to new audiences as well. Using Facebook advertising allows you to advertise directly to your target audience. For example, if the audience for your book is college-aged women, you can use Facebook advertising to target women between the ages of 18-22. Because social media content has the capability to be shared within groups of friends, effectively reaching individuals within your market gives you the opportunity to also reach their peers.

Print and Online Publication Advertising

Select print and online publications that reach people within your audience and purchase advertising options within these publications. These may be lifestyle or trade magazines. In addition to traditional print and online advertising, see if the publications offer social media and email newsletter advertising options or the opportunity to do a book giveaway on their website or in their publication.

Public Relations

Develop a public relations campaign to advertise your book to media. Craft press releases and press campaigns to gain articles, features, reviews or interviews you can use to promote your book. In addition to reaching out to the press, also target book reviewers, both in print and online for the opportunity to have your book reviewed by them.

Virtual Book Tour

Schedule a virtual book tour as a way to promote your books. Virtual book tours are when you plan a schedule of guest blog posts on websites other than your own in order to reach the audiences of those sites. Select a list of potential blogs that reach your target audience and contact them to schedule a “stop” on your virtual book tour. Also consider blogging on sites that target readers similar to your target audience. For example, if you write young adult paranormal romance, scheduling a stop on a website that only targets readers of literary fiction is not a good choice, whereas a website that focuses on adult paranormal romance may be an option because there is more likely to be some cross-over readership.

What are some ways you promote your books?  What are some avenues you want to try, but need more information on? How can we help you learn more about book promotion?

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