Five Tips for Building A Marketing Street Team

Want a way to expand your reach without exponentially increasing the amount of work you do on your end?

Build a marketing street team.

Today’s tidbit will give you five tips for building a marketing street team. The tips are super easy to implement. Things you can start doing today.


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Five Tips to Building a Marketing Street Team

1. as possible members of your marketing street team. But to get more specific, target them when they are most emotionally positive about your work.

2. Use or a service that makes sharing easy. with the information and services they need to spread the word about your business.

3. . Keep an organized list of people who want to promote your business to others and communicate with your list directly and effectively.

4. The more great stuff you give your street team to share and the more excited you are about that stuff, the more they will share it.

5. Be gracious and friendly to the .

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