Free online marketing advice: New eProduct from us “Flirting with Growth”

This week I put together an eproduct for you guys!

It contains some solid free online marketing advice, if you’re interested in learning how to grow the audience for your business online.

These are tactics that I use everyday to gain exposure for my clients.

And did I mention that it was free? I believe in free, but I don’t believe in cheap.

The details are below, but I have one request:

Send feedback on this! We have some new products in the works this year and we want to know what needs you guys have, what information you want. Help us help you. What a sneak peek of what we’re working on? Check this out:



Flirting With Growth: marketing, connecting & building relationships online to grow your business.

…Easy, actionable online marketing steps you can take today to produce results.

You will learn:

• 13 ways to gain more exposure for your business online.

• How to use mass and target online marketing.

• How to keep people thinking about your business over the competition.

• How to develop a content model for your business.

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