How to Write a Price Rise Letter

So how do you boost prices without losing customers? It’s all in the distribution. This is why I’m mosting likely to show to you how to create an ideal price increase letter (or email or announcement).

Price rise letter instances as well as best methods
Nobody wishes to inform their clients of a price rise, however if you set about it properly, you can reduce the threat of spin and/or angry responses. Below are pointers along with instances to assist you get it right.

Interact the change to your group first
Ensure that all of your teams find out about this modification. Enhancing your cost will certainly influence every team in the business, whether directly or indirectly. While your customer service team needs to know how to answer questions, your marketing and sales teams will need to understand how to explain the new pricing and sell it to new customers.

Reach out to customers directly …
This barely needs an explanation. If you’ve been blindsided by the rising costs of memberships you know that it’s not cool. Practice the Golden Rule here. And make it crystal clear– in both the subject line and the first few sentences of the letter/email.

… Multiple times
While you should prioritize the method of communication they’re used to, you may also want to notify them via direct mail or even phone– depending on your relationship with your customers. I recommend using the same branded template that you use for any other company announcement, like a product update, fundraising announcement, event invitation, or discounted offer. It’s familiar and won’t run the risk of getting caught in spam traps. And if sending via email, follow these email copywriting tips like staying on-brand.